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Let Me Start With A Short (But Very Important Story)

Once upon a time ( all good stories start like this..) there was a Martial Arts school owner who had a dream to open his own Martial Arts school.
Well it wasn’t long before he realized his dream was quickly becoming his worst nightmare.
The bills just kept coming there was the rent, staff, utilities, Insurance.
And worse still the students were not coming in!

Master Leigh Childs

Then One Day A Man Arrived And Offered To Help

He said “For just $15,000 I can help you run a successful school”
The owner said “If I had $15,000 I wouldn’t need your help”
The man then asked “Well has there ever been a time when you had $15,000?”
“Of course” the school owner replied I spent over $50,000 On my school
“Well” said the man “perhaps if you had spent some of that money on a business education you might not be in the situation you are in now”
Needless to say the school owner saw the mistake he had made and got together the money to pay the consultant, actually he sold the only left he had left ( his car) to pay for the training.
Needless to say…. The rest is history
He took his advice and his school grew, he opened a second, a third and before he knew it he had opened 62 schools.
Other instructors heard of his success and he went on to help 100′s of school owners follow the same path.
As for his car, well he never did get that car back, he opted for something he really wanted!

Hey Fellow Martial Arts Instructor,

First of all thank you for helping me out!

Of course if you didn’t figure it out by now that was my story and I have help many school owners do exactly the same thing time and time again.

Its middle of 2014 and am proud to launch the game changer for YOU its called “Genesis” and has been designed as the ultimate consultation and product package for any Martial Arts business professional that wants to take their school to the next level.

Now Im sure you have heard all of the BS and CRAP out there from so many, so called consultants peddling the latest “shiny penny” but the truth is you already know that times are a changing!
Marketing strategies that used to work like gangbusters are no longer working at all, that little “thing” called the internet is really taking over the way people are buying and searching for Martial Arts lessons.
And.. In case you haven’t noticed yet there is a war going on! A WAR to dominate the internet, Google, Youtube and every type of media there is to gain a new student.

You probably already noticed NEW schools springing up,  even “SUPER MMA GYMS” with the advent of UFC opening the market spending $Millions of dollars on build outs and equipment. Did you know they have over 200 sites already?
You also know that your competitors are literately stealing students from you, in-fact they are not widening the market they are diluting it, so now you have some choices to make.

Are You Going To Lie Down And Take It Or Stand Up And Fight For Whats Right Fully Yours?

You see I can only help those few school owners out there that really want to make a fine living from their school, produce great quality Black-Belts and really be able to support themselves and provide more for their families.

Now I know the odds can be against you.

When I started running my first school I was just 18 Years and had my Black-Belt for a whopping week and a half – Needless to say I turned that single part-time location into a massive 62 school chain with over 100 Instructors working for me. So I know first hand whats its like to be alone, trying to run school, make a living and manage all of the other daily chores that need to be done.

So thats why I created “Genesis” to tip the odds clearly back in your favor.

From this point on with Genesis you will not be left alone in fact you would have obtained the latest online and offline Martial Arts business tools AND recruited one of the most powerful Martial Arts business guides on the planet to help you implement them.

“Gen-e-sis” – The origin or mode of formation of something, development, evolution, creation

So Who Am I And Why Am I So Confident In Getting You The Results You Want?

Let me start by letting you know that I began training for the love of the sport.

I won 5 British titles, 2 European Titles and took a silver at the World Championships but I have to say NONE OF THAT REALLY HELPED ME become a successful school owner.

It was only when I really began to concentrate on running the business of Martial Arts did my schools really start to grow. I opened 62 schools of my own (32 in one calendar year!) thanks to my rotating syllabus, leadership and CIT  programs, by the way which are included in the “Genesis” program.

I then set up the first Martial Arts billing and consulting  company in the UK, generated over $100,000,000 (Yes thats $100 Million) for my clients and have lived and ran schools now in 4 different continents, (who knows how many countries!) and sold my materials in over 1000 schools all over the world so I think Im am pretty qualified to help you get from where you are now to where you want to be – whether thats running a single school, multiple school or world domination I have had my clients pretty much do it all.

So can I help you? – Dam right I can help you!

Genesis Works PERIOD But Has Been Known To Get Even BETTER Results If You:

  • Have LESS Than 150 Students
  • Gross LESS Than 20K A Month (Less Than 10K Can Be Better!)
  • Have Little Or NO Staff
  • Only Have 1 Location
  • Work Full-Time Or Even Part-Time At Your School
  • Have 2000 Sq Feet Facility Or LESS
  • Have Been Training For At Least 5 Years
  • Are Aged Between 18-60
  • Only Have 1 Program In Your School
  • Have No Marketing Strategy At All
  • Keep No Statistics!
  • Have No Website

You Have Nothing To Be Afraid Of, The Above Criteria Is What I Get Incredible Results With Just Imgine If You Have Even More To Offer You Potential New Students!


I don’t want it sound to sound like you just click a button do nothing and then the money and the success shows up. The one thing you HAVE to be prepared to do is WORK HARD, Be able to STUDY, LISTEN and TAKE CLEAR DIRECTION  and most importantly GET TASKS DONE WHEN THEY NEED TO BE DONE.

So Why Is It That You Are A Great Martial Artist, Teaching Great Martial Arts And No Matter What You Do You Just Cant Seem To Attract Enough Students Or Make Enough Money To Take Your School To The Next Level?  - Let Me Tell You Why…

And Thats The GOOD News!

Just Before Your Get All Offended And Defensive…
I want you to take a deep breathe and know that teaching great classes and great Martial Arts are a very important part of running a school but unfortunately you only get to teach great classes AFTER you have MARKETED AND SOLD LESSONS to your new students.

Now Let Me Explain Why Its Good News…

Its good news because teaching you how to Market and Sell Lessons is a relatively easy thing for me to teach you to do, in fact I believe so much in my ability to be able to teach you to sell and market that I offer a “Triple Your Money” guarantee on the Platinum Genesis program in just 90 days.

So let me put that in plain english for every $1 you pay me and I’ll show you how to generate an extra $3 in the next 90 days and I Guarantee It!

And once you have been through the Genesis program you will be able to literately – “Lather, Rinse and Repeat” the strategies over and over to make that extra income Month after Month.

Actually I have had clients triple their return in just 24 hours, but lets not get ahead of ourselves right now ;)

The NO.1 Reason You Are Probably Making Less Money NOW Than You Were Before…. And No It Has Nothing To Do With The Economy – Read This…

I just got off the phone with another old client that called me due to the state of his school and its financial position.

The first thing I ask him was for his actual numbers, how much is he taking using the varies streams of income ( there are around 11 these days).

Anyway long story short I noticed he wasn’t doing any Pre-pays at all. So I asked him what the people where saying when you asked for the prepay? The phone went quiet and then it became obvious.. He hadn’t even been asking!

Now let me explain this was a client that was doing over $100K a month left our service and 24 months later was back to doing less than $20k!

Its got even worse as we got further into the conversation, not only had he stopped asking for prepays he had also stopped inviting people to upgrade their programs within their first 30 days of enrollment he had literately turned from a superstar owner into a “p…..y whipped loner”.

He bought into the negative hype, he stepped outside was left on his own and began to buy into the BS being peddled by all the other owners he was talking too.

Now I know thats not you, maybe someone you know though, who was doing so well and suddenly stopped doing the big numbers, for most part it boils down to one thing.. Freddie Roach said it when Oscar Dela Hoya fought Many Pacquio..

He Just Couldn’t Pull The Trigger – Lost His Confidence And Couldn’t Do The Business Anymore And  Ask For The Big Dollars

And as you probably know its not just about asking its about the way you ask, how you ask, and even YOUR attitude when you are asking.

All of these “X” factors come into play when you are doing business and this a fraction of the keys of success inside the genesis program is NOT just about having the tools (its using them in the right way with the right belief systems and thats what Genesis will teach you to do)

But here is the real kicker – Its wasn’t that this owner had been beat down or he had received so much negative feedback, he had just lost that edge . Hey maybe you can relate to that sometimes its things outside of your business can do that – losing a long term partner or wife, something doesn’t quite workout in your personal life which can then spiral across into your work and before you know it you have got out of the habit of doing the right thing.

Worse still you have no-one out there who can give you an objective point of view ( kick your ass another words :) ) and get you back on track – Well now you have!

Let Me Introduce You To Genesis Taking You From Zero To Hero With Guaranteed Results…

Access To Over $10,000 Of The Best Competition Killer Tools On Day ONE!

Online Marketing Tools

  • The Ultimate Online Student Recruitment Machine - SMART WEB

    Your complete fully responsive website filled with auto-responders, email collection, telephone collection, cutomized,  hosted and ready to go

  • You Tube Domination- MY TUBE NINJA

    Dominate YOUTUBE with 2 Weeks with our very own “Mytube Ninja” see how we have schools doming the top 40 listings on the largest video platform on the web.

  • Website Mastery

    Go from Zero to Hero with our Website Mastery program teaching everything you need to know to take total control of your online presence

More Programs For Your School

  • Certified Instructor Training - CIT

    Have your students pay YOU to teach your school, discover the $700,000 Secret right here

  • Kickboxing Fitness Program - K30X

    Add an extra 100 students in your first 30 days with the incredible K30X Program

  • Complete Rotating Syllabus - LEADERSHIP

    The turnkey solution for a stand up system, also includes 48 weeks of lifeskill training, complete syllabus White to Black-belt

  • Martial Arts Business Blueprint - MASGU

    The Incredible Success Guy University 685 Pages of content covering every aspect of running a successful school

Your Personalized 7 Step Consultation Program

  • 1

    Step 1: Data Gen

    Your personal business analysis, lets see what we have got to work with, remember schools with less than 150 students and grossing less than $20K a month have the greatest results!

  • 2

    Step 2: Gen-Turbo Cash Machine

    Lets generate some instant cash-flow and double our billing check. Once we have the information on hand you will be forwarded your plan to secure your income both for now and in the future

  • 3

    Step 3: Genesis Re-Wire

    Improving the way upgrades are being done, your personal class schedule reviewed and upgraded. The agreements the ‘No Upgrade, Upgrade ( NUU) procedure’

  • 4

    Step 4: E-Gen Marketing System

    SMART Web, Youtube Ninja tactics, SEO, Adwords campaigns, Facebook, Google + , Off-line Marketing programs, Referral programs, Flyers, Leaflets and More!

  • 5

    Step 5: Gen-Program

    Maintain cash-flow and improve sales with your new program implementation, CIT, K30X, And more all available to you to maintain and grow your revenues and keep those students longer.

  • 6

    Step 6: Gen-expand

    The expansion program, whether its tightening up your single location systems, licensing or franchising we have grown clients to hundreds of units, could this be you?

  • 7

    Step 7: Genesis – longevity

    The 7th step is all about investing, generating income from different streams to further stabilize your Martial Arts business, outside programs, instructor development, staff renumeration, recruitment and training

Your Investment To Get You Started

$13333 Pays
  • 90 Days Consultation
  • Up to 12 Direct calls
  • Access To ALL MASG Products 90 Days
  • EMAIL and Text Support
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$99712 pays
  • 12 months consultation
  • Unlimited Calls ( Direct Cell)
  • LIFETIME Access To All Current MASG Products
  • Expansion Planing And Development
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The Ultimate in turning your school around and keeping you ahead of the competition

$11626 pays
  • 180 Days Consultation
  • Up to 24 Direct Calls
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