Martial Arts Business – Fire Your Staff!

Staff , Staff Staff will always be your biggest asset and your biggest liability in the Martial Arts Business. Unfortunately in our service based industry we are really only as good as the staff we recruit, train and employ. Having ran many business’ I am often shocked at some of the liberties that some of  the of the members of staff seem to take. Fortunately in the business of Martial Arts there is a unique culture which will enable you to recruit and retain staff a lot longer if you abide by some simple but effective rules.

The first rule is of course to have ALL of your staff members pay YOU to be become members of your team – sound unreasonable?, sound impossible?

Well just hold back your disbelief long enough and watch this presentation on how we were able to make over $700,000 from recrutiing staff members for our organisation.

Enjoy the presentation click here to watch it.

To your success

Master C

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