Martial Arts Business – The Perfect Graduation Week 30

First things first the reason why you hold a graduation is for 3 main reasons:

1. To encourage new members to join.
2. To have you existing members to increase their commitment (upgrade and or prepay)
3. To have your members receive recognition for their efforts by their peers

Here are some outline tips for a perfect graduation(s)

Length and Frequency
The length of the graduation should be no longer than around 45 minutes from start to finish, if you have a lot of student sthen break the graduation up into several smaller ones, around belt ranks would be good this stops you wasting the time of both the students and the parents and maintains higher energy level and a better compliance in attendance for future events.
Graduations should be held every 8 weeks. We have experimented with many different formats from as little as 4 weeks to 12 weeks and 8 weeks seems to be the best time in which to maintain the momentum of the average student.

The Offer
The biggest mistake most owners make during a graduation is that they do NOT invite non-students to start training with a great offer. We have often “given” away complete basic memberships to friends and families to encourage them to start training. There is a system and a very good reason why this can be one of the most lucrative ways to encourage new students to start.

The graduation is one the of the most exciting times for the school and when done properly with provide you with a amazing revenue stream and a consistent draw of new members.

Have a look at the video below for a more detailed look into a perfect graduation for a martial arts business!

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