Martial Arts Marketing Revolution 4

[secure_order_form_box_1]Please Note That Acceptance Is NOT Guaranteed Into This Program. If Your Are Not Accepted Then All Fee’s Will Be Refunded. I Understand That If I am Accepted Into The Martial Art Marketing Revolution Program I Will: [green_tick_1_list width=”100%”]

  • Supply The New Introductory Clients With A Pair Of Boxing Gloves.
  • Give Them A Private One On One Lesson.
  • Allow Them To Take 4 Group Classes.
  • Allow MASG Access To Promote The Offer On ALL My Points Of Access To My School On-line.
  • Not Make A Better Offer Available On-line With Another Company.


I Also Understand That If I Am Accepted It Can Take Up To 14 Days To Start The Promotion And I Can Cancel This Program At Any Time with 30 Days Notice.


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