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[headline_tahoma_medium_centered color=”#FF0000″]This Is Not Some Course, Ebook Or “System”. It’s unlike Anything You Have Ever Seen Before. With The Most Intense, No Holds Barred Martial Arts Business Secrets Ever Captured On Audio, Video And Written Text – You Will Discover… [/headline_tahoma_medium_centered]


  • How to dominate your competition in a stunningly short time…
  • Transform any Martial Arts school into a power-packed cash-flow positive machine in days…
  • Learn tweeks and simple adjustments you can apply to your school that balloon your revenues in and jump your bottom line by a few decimal places…
  • How to dive deep into the mind of your students to quickly and easily understand their dominant fears, frustrations and desire – “Use this information to explode your enrollments and upgrades…
  • How to select the right words (with our incredible scripts) that get your new prospect riveted to the introductory process eager to become one of your newest Black-Belts…
  • The real secrets that multi-million dollar school owners use “often behind the scenes” that can literately double or triple or even quadruple your enrollments
  • And Much, Much More…


[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Listen To What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say About The Program. [/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[testimonial2 author=”Master Jon Jespson – JJBBA” + pic=””]“I have been consulting with Master Childs for almost a decade and I’m here to talk to you about this incredible package ( I was one of the many guys that paid full price for most of the material on this page) But I am not upset or angry with him and here’s why… I have seen a return on my investment hundreds of times over, we broke our first million within 12 months of taking his advice. He is for me quite simply the best in the business there is, and he is the ONLY person I turn to when I need advice about my Martial Arts business”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Master Kevin Clark, AMA Institute” + pic=””]“I opened my school and grossed over $20,000 from DAY ONE using these systems.I purchased these systems BEFORE I even opened my own school and I have to be thankful that I stumbled across this site on Google. I read through the material and planned the opening of my first school. In our first month I did just over $16,000 and by month 2 I was well over $20,000 and have been ever since – Thank you Leigh Childs for all your help and advice. If I can do it with a brand new school and NO students just imagine what you can do ”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Theresa And Jerry Von Phul – Karate for Kids, Oregon, USA” + pic=””]“We are seeing more results with just less effort. With all the talk of the reccesion we have to say we havn’t felt it at all. With Master Childs’ help we have been able to reduce costs and still increase our profits. We have been clients for over 5 years and will be for many years to come. I know with his help the business just gets easier and easier!”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Master Kevin Waldschmidt – Los Gatos, California USA ” + pic=””]“If you want the best in the industry then Leigh Childs is the man I pride myself on running very efficient and successful schools. His straightforward no-nonsense approach is what I like about him. I ask him a direct questions and get direct answers even if its not what I want to hear. He is a valuable asset of my company and one that I just wouldn’t be without.”[/testimonial2]

[testimonial2 author=”Bob Sykes – Editor In Chief Martial Arts Illustrated Magazine U.K’s Leading Martial Arts Magazine” + pic=”]“Leigh Childs was the first person to bring professional Martial Arts to the United Kingdom and he was, and STILL IS a true pioneer in our industry. ”[/testimonial2]

[headline_tahoma_small_left color=”#000000″]Here Is Just A few More Discoveries You Will make With This Incredible Martial Arts Business Program[/headline_tahoma_small_left]


  • How To Recruit Students Without Leaving Your Do-Jo Door. – You’ll learn how with a systematic internal referral system you can generate new students without ever leaving the Do-Jo door.
  • The Art Of Scheduling – It’s a fact, the average school owner spends too much time teaching which actually places LESS value on their service. There is also a strategic way to place your classes, within a certain order to improve upgrades by as much as 100%. You will get sample schedules that you can duplicate depending upon the number of students you presently have.
  • Opening Of A New Location. – Discover how one of our clients signed up – YES I did say signed up over 150 new students BEFORE he even had access to the keys to the business. We will discuss site location, demographics and foot fall of an ideal site for you to choose.
  • School Layout – Understand how to properly set up your school to maximize profits. The simple placement of certain items can lead to increases in sales by 100-200%. The dynamic of where to place the front counter. How to position the lobby to better enhance sales and walk-ins and remove the ‘clutter’ from your lobby.
  • Pro-Shop Sales – I’ve been fortunate to take a liking to improving Pro-Shop Profits. Learn how you do not even need a Pro-Shop to make $1,000’s selling equipment in your school. See how you can create packages to sell, what should be in these packages and how and when is best to sell them.
  • Graduation and Testing – Learn how to turn these events into huge money making opportunities designed to enroll new students and upgrade existing. I will share with you the actual system I used to gain an extra 10 new enrollments at every single graduation we did for 3 years straight!.
  • External Marketing – Understand why advertisements do not work in our Industry. Another leaflet or flyer just doesn’t have the same impact these days. So what do you have to do to maintain a steady new flow of new students? Watch as I take you through a complete strategy for your whole business year.
  • $1 Million Box – It always amazes me when I hear about these schools spending $100’s even $1000’s of dollars on some software to ‘manage’ their database. I will share with you a $10 Dollar system that enabled me to run a multi-million dollar school empire effortlessly.
  • The Structure Of Your Syllabus. – How to organize your curriculum to your best advantage. When to teach specific programs and in which in order so that they receive the maximum exposure for both new students and to help with upgrading your existing student body.


[headline_tahoma_medium_left color=”#000000″]Here Are The Main Components Of The Complete Program You Will Get Access Too In Just A Few Clicks…[/headline_tahoma_medium_left]

[textbar_100percent_2]The Martial Art Business 101 [/textbar_100percent_2]

Click Here To Get The Most Complete Martial Arts Business Guide Ever Written >>

[textbar_100percent_2]Certified Instructor Training Program (C.I.T)[/textbar_100percent_2]

Click Here To Have Your CIT Program Up and Running By This Evening

[textbar_100percent_2]The Complete Rotating Curriculum – LeadershipSyllabus[/textbar_100percent_2]

The Instant Rotating Curriculum And Leadership Syllabus

[textbar_100percent_2]Direct Marketing Machine (D.M.M)[/textbar_100percent_2]

Get Unlimited Student Recruitment Ideas Here >>

[textbar_100percent_2]Google Domination[/textbar_100percent_2]

Be On The Front Page Of Google In A Few Hours Click Here >>

[textbar_100percent_2]The Ultimate Scripts[/textbar_100percent_2]

Always Know What To Say, How To Say It And When To Say It - The Greatest Staff Training Tool Click Here >>

[textbar_100percent_2]Your Bonus Items[/textbar_100percent_2]

And Get All These Bonus Items When Your Order Today >>

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