The Ultimatum

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2 Responses to “The Ultimatum”

  • Pat on February 18, 2011

    The push for MMA has really been strong, however most people from my experience wanting to train MMA, have little or no money. They rob peter to pay paul each month and most do not have enough money for lessons and most do not even have a checking account. How is it that you see this as a great market? Popular yes, profitable, show me the money!

    • on February 22, 2011

      Hi Pat
      Robbing Peter to Pay Paul – Sounds like your describing the average Martial Arts instructor ;)! Its a great market because the average person on the street is now aware of it and it is raising the awareness about the term MMA – everyday it is being featured on television. Having trained at several schools in Vegas I was amazed at the sort of people that came along (and they kept coming) day after day people were just walking in and thats just while I was there! NO they don’t all have money, and NO they didn’t all sign up but I know if I had 100 extra walk-ins a month in my school I would close at least 20 of them. Not everyone that comes into your school can afford the program but some of them can and will pay. Are you part of Premier Martial Arts the license thing? As my good friend Chris Foran runs a premier martial arts school in london thats very profitable. Don’t confuse the guys you see fighting (most of which really do not have any money) with the potential for students who never want to fight but want to learn MMA. And… most importantly it just keeps on growing 😉